Before Getting A Quote

In order to get the most accurate quote please have the following information:

Size. Almost all pricing is based off of square footage.

Amount of colors. We can decide whether a print or cut vinyl is the right choice for you.

The application of the sign. Indoor/Outdoor, and shape of what the decal will be applied helps narrow down what type of material would be best for your needs.

Installation. If we install your sign/decal we charge for installation time, shop supplies and trip time to the site. If you decide to install yourself just ask for some free advice on the best way to install it.

What is the standard size?
All of our products can be made to any custom size. Because of this there aren't many standard sizes. The exceptions are:
Political/Yard Signs usually come in either 18"x24" or 2'x3'
Banners vary in all types of sizes generally they are either 2' 3' or 4' tall and up to 12' wide.
Larger signs stay around 4'x8' (the size of a construction site sign)

Keep in mind all sizes we do can be custom to fit your needs. These are just guidelines.
Sending Artwork

If you are sending artwork for cut vinyl or images to be enlarged it must be vector artwork to avoid possible artwork fees. Standard files that are vector are .ai .eps .pdf, however, non-vector images can also be in these file types. .jpg .gif, .tif, are common image files that are not vector images. Non-vector images can be redrawn for an art fee determined by the complexity of the image.

Images from web pages. Using images from web sites for anything larger than the size it prints out at on your home printer is highly discouraged. When These images are enlarged they lose quality and can become blurry or pixelated. If you need to use an image off of the internet please make sure it is at least 800 pixels in one direction and you have the approval to use it.

We generally print at 72 dots per inch (DPI or PPI) on non vector also known as raster images. For large images we recommend you work at 720 DPI at 10% of the final size.

For images larger than 10MB that cannot be sent through e-mail we recommend using either (a free service for files under 50MB) or call us and ask for our FTP information to which you can upload your artwork.

Please call or e-mail if you have further questions on artwork files.

Cut Vinyl Vs. Printed Vinyl

When deciding between cut vinyl or printed vinyl one of the most important things to consider is the amount of colors you will be using. We generally recommend any design that has more than two colors be printed unless specialty vinyls will be used such as Chrome, Metallic, Holographic, etc.

Also consider the detail in the design. Small and intricate designs may not cut well and look better printed. This also goes for small font sizes. Items going around curves will work better as printed vinyl because of the advanced manufacturing that has gone into creating the print vinyl material.

The last consideration should be the cost. Printed vinyl will often cost more than a single or even two color cut vinyl material especially if the printed vinyl is laminated to protect it from damage and fading.

Decal Installation

Video on installing decals coming soon!

For questions call us @ 712-255-7767

Besides Vinyl What Products Do You Offer?

We have realized from the many small business we serve that it is very convenient for them for us to be a full service stop for many items other than decals and signage. That is why we have become a distributor for SAGE promotional products which allows us to tap into the promotional products offered that have more than 850,000 items in its catalog. You can get an idea of the types of items you can order by clicking on promotional products in the navigation menu on the left side of this page.

We can print on canvas and stretch it for you here in our shop. A great gift idea!

Also we offer a variety of print materials from business cards, postcards to flyers and booklets. We will help you design it here in house and get you high quality printed items.

The products we offer are always expanding. Give us a call if you have a question about any products we offer or to check into products you want but can't find on our site.

What Is A Vehicle Wrap?
Vehicle wraps are when we design and print several panels of vinyl to cover the outside of the vehicle. Wraps can be complete such as the ones we have in our vehicle gallery Servepro and Service master. On most wraps we do however skip wrapping the roof of the vehicle.

Partial wraps such as St Lukes and Thelander Heating and Cooling only cover part of the vehicle. This allows you to stand out in traffic but keeps cost down.

We also can do what we call a mock wrap to make it look like the whole vehicle is wrapped by using the color of the car and the use of cut vinyl graphics. Krumwiede Heating and Cooling and the KTIV wraps are examples of this.
Why Wrap A Vehicle?
There are many good reasons to wrap a vehicle. The most obvious is that it is a moving billboard and great form of advertising. You will get years of advertising with out monthly rental fees or being tied down to one place. Many studies have shown a wrap is one of the best ways to spend your advertising dollars due to it's impressions/dollar ratio.

Another reason, and maybe not as obvious, is to protect your vehicle. The years take their toll on vehicle paint from rock chips, winter road salt to the sun's UV rays. Wrapping a vehicle can protect your paint giving you a higher resale value when it is time to upgrade.

There are many other reasons but we will end with the cost. It is less expensive than putting a new paint job on your vehicle. That is why many companies that require their vehicles to be a specific company color will wrap instead of paint their vehicles.
Banner Care

1 If at all possible always try to roll the banner for storage and transport. Roll The banner with the image out if it is a banner with cut vinyl applied to it. If the banner is printed directly on the banner roll the banner with the image to the inside.

2. Store banner in temperatures ranging from 20° F to 85° F.

3. Hang banner properly. When hanging have rope, etc. going at a 90° angle from the edge of the banner it is crossing over.

4. When hung in a high wind area cut wind flaps. Use a small paint can and cut semi circles to allow wind to pass through instead of acting like a sail.

5. If the banner is dirty and has cut lettering it can be cleaned with soap and water, glass cleaner or a degreaser. Avoid using solvents.

6. Make sure you are in compliance with local sign ordinances.

Magnetic Care

The most important thing you can do for your magnets is keep them clean. Be sure to frequently remove the magnets and wipe off the back of the magnet and the surface it is attached. Very small amounts of dirt can work its way under the magnet and cause it to lose hold on the surface or cause damage to the surface below.

When applying the magnet to a surface the flatter the better to ensure a strong adhesion to the metal surface. When storing the magnets they can be rolled up with the vinyl facing out. When returning them to service if the magnets have a curl to them lay them on a flat surface in a warm room for a few hours to return the magnets to their flat state.

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