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Intermediate Vinyl

Standard Vinyl

Standard Vinyl comes in a wide variety of colors, thickness and durability. We most commonly use Intermediate vinyl which typically doesn't start to fade or degrade for at least five years. We also use High Performance vinyl which offers a wider variety of colors and is thinner than intermediate allowing it to be applied to areas with a more drastic curve. High performance durability is usually about 5-7 years. Cut vinyl such as these can be layered to add multiple colors to your design Stop in to see color charts or check our FDC, Arlon or Oracal color charts online. Keep in mind monitors interpret colors differently and may not accurately represent the color.

Metallic Vinyl

Metallic Vinyl

Metallic vinyl has flakes of metal shavings mixed in with the color to give it a different look. Metallic vinyl much like standard vinyl comes in a variety of colors. Metallic vinyl is slightly less durable than standard vinyl by about one year. If metallic vinyl isn't enough there is also ultra metallic that have much more of the flakes in the vinyl that will really grab some attention. Click on Metallic or Ultra Metallic to see sample colors.

Specialty Vinyl

Specialty Vinyl

Specialty vinyl comes in a wide variety. There is imitation diamond plate, chrome, brushed silver/gold, holographic, prism and many others. Stop in to look at the wide variety of specialty vinyl we can get for you.

Flourescent Vinyl

Fluorescent Vinyl

If you really want to attract eyes to your signs and lettering fluorescent is the way to go. We can get yellow, green, pink, orange, red, blue, and raspberry. Keep in mind when using fluorescent that the durability is not very long. These are for short term use, but they can attract a lot of attention in that time.

Print Vinyl

Print Vinyl

Print vinyl comes in many forms but we commonly use a 3 mil vinyl with air release to prevent from you getting bubbles. Because of the variety of print media we recommend you call in and talk to us about the application you are using it for and we can make suggestions for you including what type of laminate to use if you require any. We can print up to 52" wide with out a seam.

View Thru Vinyl

View Thru Vinyl

View Thru vinyl is a perforated vinyl that can be printed on. The vinyl allows you to see out of a window in one direction but on the other side the printed design is seen instead of seeing into the window. This is commonly used for vehicles but it can also be used for home or office windows for privacy.

Other Vinyls

Other Vinyl

There are many other types of vinyl not covered above so if you have a question about other types let us know. Some that we use occasionally that were not mentioned are static cling, translucent, clear, along with printable materials that aren't vinyl like paper and canvas.

Screen Printing











Sign Pro is proud to offer in-house screen printing and a very wide variety of apparel to show off your design.
Some things to consider before ordering screen printed shirts.

• Quantity: There are setup fees that are a flat rate regardless of the amount of shirts you get. The lower the quanity ordered would raise your per shirt cost. Depending on the art it may be more beneficial to consider heat transfers which we can also do for you here in house.

• Amount of colors and locations: Each color and location will add an additional screen fee. To keep these costs down limit the number of colors and places you would like your imprint.

• The apparel that is being printed: We can print on a wide variety of shirts, pants, bags, etc. Each of these items have different costs and can give you a higher quality garment but up your per item cost. Also different materials are easier to print on than others and can factor into the cost. Cotton is the easiest material to print on.

• Turn around time: We only keep standard shirt colors on hand here in the shop because of the wide variety that we offer. While most can be here in a matter of a day or two, rush shipping can increase your cost. We also schedule out printing days in advance and to interrupt that schedule may add a rush fee to your order.



A light weight rigid plastic material that has flutes so a stake can be used. Most commonly used for political/yard signs. Grommets can be used in this material. It comes in a variety of colors and either " or " thickness.



An expanded PVC foam material commonly used for indoor signs. This material comes in a variety of thicknesses and colors. Depending on the thickness this material can rigid or be flexed quite drastically. Often preferred to coroplast when viewed close up due to its smooth surface.



A material with two aluminum surfaces with a resin core. This material is commonly used for outdoor signs when attached to a building or something else solid. It comes in 3mm or 6mm. Colors include black, white, brushed gold or brushed aluminum.



A material with two aluminum surfaces with corrugated plastic core. This is a very rigid material that will stand up to the elements and wind. Commonly used for construction site signs. It comes in either " or " thickness. This material can also have an edge cap to give it a more finished look.



A 13oz glossy or matte banner that can either have decals applied to it or print directly onto the surface with our large format printers.



A 30 mil magnetic sheet that can be trimmed to the size you need. The material comes 24" wide on a roll. Decals can be applied to the material from either single color to a full color print.



Polycarbonate is generally used for lit signs. We do not install the electrical cases on signs but we can replace existing panels in lit signs using polycarbonate and regular or translucent vinyl to update your logo and give the sign a brand new look.

Steel Sign Frame

Steel Sign Frames

We carry a variety of sign frame sizes but the most common is 18"x24" with a 6"x24" rider. These frames are sturdy and will hold up to the elements. Any sign you expect to be outside for a long time that you can just pull out of the ground and move this is the frame for you.

A Frame

A Frame:

A Frame signs are perfect to set out on the sidewalk to alert your customers that you are open or current deals you are offering. They are also very portable and can fold together and be carried with the handle that is welded to the top. Signs can be slid in and out of frame incase you would like to have multiple signs for different days.


4Ever Frame:

4Ever Frames are easy to assemble and looks beautiful for years with no costly maintenance. There are several options for post caps. They are easy to install with or without wooden posts sunk into the ground. The posts are custom made so they can be made for whatever size sign you would like. These are a very economical solution that results in a great look.

Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional Lettering:

Dimensional lettering can be used in a variety of applications indoor and outdoor. The letters can be made from plastic, foam, metal or acrylic. The letters can be given several different faces and colors. Custom shapes can also be created. Add a dramatic effect to your signs by using dimensional lettering.

Free Estimates

Call for a free estimate or to schedule a site visit within the Siouxland area. To get the most accurate estimate please check our FAQ page and read the Before Getting A Quote section

Banner, Sign and Vinyl Installation

We can provide installation on our products for a standard hourly shop rate. Even if you did not get your sign, vinyl or banner through us we can install it for you.

Vinyl Removal Services

It may be time to sell your shop vehicle, change out your old logo, or get rid of that once funny bumper sticker. It is not easy and you may not have the proper tools. Have us do it for you instead. We can remove old vinyl and stickers for our standard hourly shop rate.

Design Services

We have talented and creative designers on staff to take your idea from a thought in your head all the way to a completed product. They can provide a wide range of services such as logo design, vehicle wrap design, stationary/business card design, Sign design, banner design and much more. Standard hourly artwork rates apply.

Banner Stand

Retractable Banner Stands:

Retractable Banner Stands are a very easy way to take a visual element with you. They come in various sizes but our most common is a 30" wide by 80" tall banner that retracts into it self and slides into a case for easy portability. The banners can be switched out easily to keep your display fresh and current.

Mini Banner Stand

Mini Retractable Banner Stands:

These are great for on the road or at your storefront. They can promote new products and services or daily specials at a great low cost. They can vary in size but the common size we sell is about 17" tall by 14" wide

Street Light Banner

Street Pole Banner:

Decorate your street poles promoting events, holidays or your city or campus.

Banner Stands

Banner Stands:

We can get a banner stand to fit your needs. They come in a variety of sizes and usages. Most collapse down to a size that one person can handle. Popular stands include telescoping poles to adjust to different banner sizes.

Business Cards

We offer high quality 16pt gloss or matte business cards and design. They are full color both sides and full bleed both sides.


We also offer postcards in many different sizes 16pt just like our business cards. Also just like our business cards it is full color and full bleed both sides.


Our brochures and flyers can be printed on a high gloss or matte heavy weight paper to give your business that professional touch.


Full color notepads in a variety of sizes that are bound in 25 or 50 page pads.

We have many other printed material options; just call us and let us know what you need!

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